Online course schedule 2014

WASHCost offers a free online course for WASH sector professionals. The “Costing Sustainable Services” online course was developed to assist governments, (I)NGOs, donors and individuals to plan and budget for sustainable and equitable WASH services, using a life-cycle costs approach.

Every other month 150 participants can start the course by registering online. Starting dates for the online course in 2014 are:

After registering, participants receive login details and a password to access course material on the preferred starting date of the course. From the starting date participants follow the course at their own pace by logging in and following the module(s) of their choice. We suggest that participant’s follow the 1, 2, 3 order of the modules, but can select any module to start or switch between modules. The course material guides participants through the modules and exercises completing them at their own pace.

More information about the Costing Sustainable Services” online course see below or contact IRC at

About the Costing Sustainable Services” online course

The free "Costing Sustainable Services” online course aims to assist water, sanitation and hygiene professionals around to world with applying life-cycle costing in their work and organisation. The online course can be used by sector professionals with little or no experience of life-cycle costing. Participants can gain a basic understanding of life-cycle costing and how the approach can be applied.

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Infosheet 4 - Learn to plan, budget and monitor for sustainable WASH service

The delivery of sustainable and equitable services requires that financial systems are set up to build, operate, repair and renew a water, sanitation or hygiene system through its entire cycle of use. This is the ‘life cycle’ at the heart of a life-cycle costs approach in IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre’s Costing Sustainable Services online course.

This info sheet gives general information on the Costing Sustainable Services online course.

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